Yay! I took pictures today!!!

Just a few photos today. :) Here's the class smiling for the camera.
And then the classic goofy faces.
Meet Jordan. Energy central, trust me. He's moving to Guatemala in December.

So today I had a bad day. You know, the classic forget-my-lunch, bad-news, take-it-personally, make-the-kids-cry kind of day. BUT I did come home with a couple funny stories...

Lunch is a hectic time of day for those of us in 4th grade (and any grade for that matter), because every teacher is also the lunchroom supervisor for her students. Not only is the teacher responsible for opening juice boxes and encouraging good table manners (my class struggles with chewing with our mouths closed... me included :)), but the teacher is also responsible for heating up any lunches needing reheating. So I'm running around, grabbing lunches and pushing microwave buttons like a pro... and then I realized I had forgotten my own lunch. I was already having a bad day, so this was kind of like the "straw that broke the camel's back". I finished my microwave duties and sat down next to the 5th grade teacher (Kim V.) and told her I had forgotten my lunch. Now this seems normal enough, but of course my good old emotions overflowed and I collapsed into tears. Thank goodness Kim had enough sense to just go get lunch for me from Cosas (the catering business that makes our student lunches) and tell me to collect myself in the bathroom. When I came back from the restroom, Kim had lunch waiting for me and my students were asking, "Would you like us to make a donation to your lunch?" (We've handled forgotten lunches this way in the past for other students) ... Of course, I didn't turn down the cookies and chips the students offered me in place of my forgotten lunch. Ha, quite healthy.

Alright, second funny story. We were doing the penmanship exercise, and I was attempting to write "14" at the board. Now, it doesn't seem to difficult to write while standing up, but when my arm doesn't have a horizontal surface to rest on, it throws me off completely. Soooo you can imagine how my penmanship lessons tend to go. (Ha, I should call it "how not to write" lessons) So I wrote my "14" and one of the boys raises his hand. "Ummm Miss Siscoe? The 4 doesn't go under the line quite that much." .... I was silent, staring at my attempted 4, not knowing what to say or do. One of the girls whispers "Jordan, don't frustrate Miss Siscoe right now!" Jordan says really loudly "Actually, your 4 is great. Nevermind!" I stand back and examine my "14" again. Another girl says "Yeah, Miss Siscoe, it looks great!" Ha, it was obvious that I was having a bad day.

Tomorrow will be better.


jk.crumrine said...

Those pictures of your class are sure cute but it looks like they are quite a handful! Sorry you had a bad day. Your stories made me smile because I could picture the chaos going on in the lunchroom and the honesty of those kids. By the end of your first year you can probably write a book with all of the funny stories and insights you have. Here's a big hug for you, hope you have a better day tomomrrow! Love, Janna

Jill said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day... I've had some like that when I have to go to the bathroom to "collect" myself =)
You are right, tomorrow is always better... which is today =) hope it was great!

J said...

hahaha! : ) i absolutely love the story about writing 14! : ) so funny! love it! I miss you and it would be so much fun to see all of those kids again! : )