teaser photos from the weekend

So, it was an awesome weekend. . . among the sweaty complaints and blistered feet. Ha, you probably won't feel sorry for me once you see these photos.... :) Trish and I ready for the hike, ha. We found hibiscus flowers, so of course we put them in our hair! We are on the mountain in this photo, before hiking down to the bus stop.

We went to Parque Nacional in Manuel Antonio and had a guided tour. We hiked through at least a mile of rainforest, althought it wasn't quite as "jungley" as we expected. The trail on the way to the beach was more touristy, but the treck back was more genuine rainforest :). Here is a rainbow grasshopper. It has all the colors of the rainbow on its back!
These crabs were everywhere, but if you didn't look carefully, you might step on one! I was able to get pretty close to this one.

We saw several sloths! Crazy, huh? Our guide said they sleep for 20 hours a day and only move for 4. Sounds like a great plan to me... maybe for 2 days or so.

Bamboo is tall! We are not very tall.
Kim is thinking, "We finally made it to the beach!!" We were so sweaty and gross by this point.
I know where pet stores get their hermit crabs from! Under decomposing logs in Costa Rica.
No one told us there were raccoons in Costa Rica... but apparently they're here too. This pesky scavenger stole our chips from my backpack! He came right up to our things while we were down in the water, and when we saw what he was doing, we came sprinting up the beach... but if you've ever tried to run in sand before, you'll realize that "sprinting" is really like "jogging". ha, Needless to say, he tore the bag open before we could do anything about it.
So then I put out bait (my apple core) to try to get the raccoon back... I wanted a better photo of our burglar. But another scavenger showed up... an iguana! He seemed glad that I would share, so he posed for quite a few photos. I think I will go into animal photography someday at the rate I am going!
Do you see the crab?? He's there, I promise! He's sooo camoflauge!
Same here... these creatures are camoflauge too... can you even tell what it is?? Fruit bats!
Kim V. and waves captured in action.
My pretending to be a mermaid, ha. I don't think my gringa legs would qualify.

Kim L. loves taking her own photo, so I thought I would join in the fun :).

Alright, I'm headed to bed. It's already 11:30 here. I will post more photos tomorrow! :)


Stacey-Ann. said...

Those pictures actually are really beautiful, especially the one with the bats.

Kat said...

more pictures!! I need more!

Kat said...

more pictures!! I need more!

^_^ love you, kate