Changes in Fourth Grade

Lots of changes this week!! My students (and I :)) have handled it well for the most part; however, I must admit I'm looking forward to the set routine again.

Change #1 = New student from Korea! Must catch her up on everything we do in our class. . . thank goodness she speaks English pretty well!

Change #2 = We are no longer eating lunch in our classroom, because the construction is complete! Now we are eating in the picnic area, and we are figuring out new routines there... kind of confusing and stressful for everyone involved, trust me.

Change #3 = Our first tests! Tuesday was our True Stories test, Wednesday was a Puzzles test, and today is a Word Play test. Whew!! No homework due to tests in also a new thing this week.

Change #4 = Every Wednesday, we will be reading to the kindergartners, and this past Wednesday was the first time. Both the 5 year olds and my 10 year olds did so well with this :).

There's more, but I'm writing during my planning period at school and someone else needs the computer. I'm surviving the changes so far! And thank goodness someone thought of weekends and rests from work.

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