bienvenido a mi clase!!

I thought I would update you with more recent photos of my classroom, now that school is well underway and the students have given the room life :).

Here's the seating arrangment this morning :). The sun is so bright! I love our painted windows.
The "Exploration Station". We are currently growing zucchini... and I told the students that if we actually get a zucchini out of this experiment, then I will bake them zucchini bread. Yum!
The arrangement after school! :) We'll see the student's reactions tomorrow...
Our "Class Contract." The rule "Don't be dramatic" is my favorite.
Shout out to my Uncle Tim and Aunt Christen for their donation to me and my classroom. I decided our classroom needed a softer place to sit instead of the cement floors... and I found this rug for a bargain, of course. The students love it! :)

I was thinking about the lack of technology in my classroom the other day, and I really don't mind. I mean, last year during student teaching, we had 2 computers, a TV, VCR, overhead, and an Elmo right there in the room for daily use in lessons. Now, I teach "from scratch" with hands-on activities and lots of dynamic conversation. I think when I go back to the States to teach, I won't know what to do with the technology!

That's all for today. I'm not feeling well this evening, so I've already taken lots of drugs and a nap. Now we're on to planning for the next couple hours.

Much love!

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Kat said...

love you Kate. =) thanks for more pictures. I really like your '4th grade contract' idea.

love you!