Character Building

We seem to be having some difficulties sharing in 4th grade... so we're going to have many opportunities over the next few days :). We'll see how that goes...

A couple of my girls also seem to be very critical of others. We'll be working on this as well.

Funny how the things my students need to work on are the things I also need to work on.

I think I'm turning into a football coach. My classroom windows open right across the hall from the library, so I think (actually, I'm pretty sure) that anyone in the library can hear me teaching at all times. I have this loud teacher voice... I kind of bark, ha. I vary the volume to keep student's attention; however, when I'm barking, I'm barking... if you were to sit in the library, you would know what I mean.

I was teaching the history lesson today about the Vikings and explorers who discovered America before Columbus, and I got all excited and really animated and acted like a Viking with a good pirate accent... "Ya know, I'm pretty surrrrrre that the Vikings werrrrrre what we callllll .... (dramatic pause) PIRATES!" Just then I looked down in the library, and some of the high schoolers were cracking up, looking right up at me.

All for the expense of teaching. My current character building: not caring what other's think, no matter what. My students are loving it. I haven't decided how I feel about it yet.


yobro said...


That is a pretty awesome experience. i can so picture you getting out your authoritative voice to take control of your classroom but then switch to a more animated voice as you get into the lesson! I love you Kate

Kat said...

if I'd have been one of those high schoolers in the library, I would have laughed too! you're an amazing teacher, Kate. I know the students will learn a lot from you this year.

love you, sis. =)