more weekend photos and a video!

I love photos :) and I hope you do too!

Here's the waves from this weekend. The series of three photos were taken within a few second of each other, so you can see the wave coming in and breaking.
Trish and I were diving into the waves earlier in the day and dove into one, not expecting two in a row. We surfaced, only to be surprised by the second wave. We were knocked off our feet and underwater before we knew what was happening! Still underwater, the wave pushed me to the bottom and Trish was on top of me... the waves are so strong that it dragged me against the sand... now I have "sand burn" on my knees, similar to rug burn. Trish and I were coughing and sputtering as we came up for air. Needless to say, I took a break out of the water after that experience.

I spotted a couple other people with camera equipment similar to my own this weekend :). Not a great photo, but proof that there are other photographers in Costa Rica!
A baby iguana wondering what I'm doing.
Parque Nacional.
A walking bridge.

And here's a link for viewing some of the Independence Day festivities at Sojourn. We had an assembly and a parade last Friday during school... a few things we aren't trained for while majoring in education, ha! It was a bit crazy, but lots of fun. I'm in the video... near the beginning, with my back turned to the camera while herding my students to the gym for the assembly. I'm wearing a white dress with red sash :). Just in case you're looking for me!


Jill said...

Awesome photos! And in the video, I also think I saw you on the right side of one of the pictures sitting with your students... I recognize your crossed lets :)

Kat said...

yes, I love pictures. =) especially when they're taken by you!

and I'm glad you're keeping us updated. love you much, sis.

love kallie

K Siscoe said...

Love the pictures of the iguanas and the potato chip thief - we have seen those when we went camping here, haven't we? Your mom told me about the interesting hostel experiences.
Love ya