Something Else Only in Costa Rica...

Today I realized that something else only in Costa Rica is that I have to take an umbrella to go get my students from gym class. It downpoured right as I was on my way, and thank goodness I had the umbrella. My students walked quickly through the rain on the way back to our classroom. They told me the rain felt good after sweating in gym class. :)

Tomorrow is an early dismissal and then a Parent Open House. Pray that my mind and body is still functioning when the parents arrive! (I'm exhausted tonight!)

Then we have Monday off for Costa Rica's Independence Day, so we (Tricia, Kim L., Kim V., and I) are heading to Manuel Antonio on the Pacific coast. The 3.5 hour bus ride tomorrow night will be an excellent nap (hopefully). No posting until I get back Sunday night, but the photos will be great. :) I promise!

Oh, and we received the first box of books!! :) My students were so excited today about all the new books! :) Thanks to everyone who has donated books, money, and time to my book project.

Much love!


K Siscoe said...

Two more boxes are on the way!
Love ya!

Kat said...

more books! yahoo!! ^_^ have a fun trip!

Regina Siscoe said...

Love you!