what would you do if...?

do you think you could handle 15 students, calling your name "Miss Siscoe! Miss Siscoe!" and asking you a million questions a second and the action never stops and then a bee flies in the room... and out the window so everything calms down... and then the bee flies back in... constant chaos surrounds you (girls screaming, boys chasing bees)... and then to top it all off someone farts? what would you do in this situation?

true story. in fact, it happened yesterday.


K Siscoe said...

Having brothers can partially prepare you for those moments. It sounds like the bee episode was especially stressful for one of your students!
Love you much!

Jill said...

Well, I think the only smart and teacherly thing to do would be just to crack up laughing hysterically! =)

Kathryn Siscoe said...

yes, I definitely laughed!!! and then I raised my voice for everyone to get back in their seat and cover their nose with their t-shirt!