Un Fin de Semana Tipico en San Francisco de Dos Rios

Eventful weekend on this homefront! Lots of socializing and... well, no work. Ha, I kind of feel like a college student still because I get back from my fun weekend on Sunday afternoon and all I can think is... "I have a lot of work to do!" Bah.

In the near future (in other words, this week), I am going to really make an effort to not bring work home. Bah humbug, first year of teaching.

Alright, I'm done complaining now. :)

Kim and I babysat on Friday night for the Diem family with the cutest little boys ... I forgot my camera. Josiah (3 and obsessed with Peter Pan) and Elliott (18mos. and super laid back) are my new favorite stress outlet.

Saturday brought another trip to the feria and housechores. THEN :) we went with our neighbor Diane and friend Becky Diem for a pedicure at a Nicaraguan place "Magica Unas" ("Magic Nail"). Only $8!! Then we headed to teacher friend's Lauren and Mau's house in Concepcion de Tres Rios, up the mountain, and enjoyed an afternoon of Mau's exceptional cooking and lots of stories and laughs.

Sunday = church, grocery store, lunch with the Diem family, phone call to Mom, mini-nap, laundry, letter writing, dinner with the neighbors, meet Kim V.'s family... and here I am. :) Lots of work to do.

I realized today I hadn't taken photos in way too long. I'll be fixing that soon. Sorry I didn't capture Josiah or Elliott's mischevious smiles for you... I'm sure I'll have more opportunities. For now... I need to get something school-related done!

As always, much love


K Siscoe said...

Thanks for the note. Have a good week!

Kat said...

sorry I haven't been checking up!

I'm glad you're doing so well and it sounds like SO much fun. =)

love you lots with hugs and kisses