I have a phone number! :)

Yay hurray, I purchased a phone number! If you don't have a Skype number and you are living overseas, I'll be your salesperson right now. $17 for 3 months of unlimited minutes calling to the United States. Incredible, that's all I have to say.

So far, I've surprised several family members and friends with calling :). What great fun. You might be next!!!

This is my week to teach Bible during Chapel time in the mornings, and my students have been helping me. The lessons center around the story of the Tower of Babel, when all the different languages of the world came to be. My students drew plants and bricks and then acted out the parts of brickmakers, carriers, and a boss... They did wonderfully today. I'm so proud of them (of course!)! On Friday will be the final culmination when God confuses the languages and everyone begins speaking different languages and can no longer communicate. My students will start babbling in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean. It will definitely be another proud moment for me, and they're super excited to speak their native languages!

Another proud moment today was when we went to the kindergarten class with Miss Wegman (my roomie Trish) and partnered up a 4th grader and a kindergartner to read for 20 minutes. I had coached my students about how to ask questions to keep the 5 year olds engaged in the book, and my students did wonderfully at leading conversations about the books. During our debriefing session afterwards, several students said "My kindergartner wouldn't stop talking!" and others said "Mine wouldn't talk at all!" Ha, it's quite the age gap, but our purpose is to excite the kindergartners about reading. I think we accomplished that goal for today!

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