Emotional Moments

Hearing all my students sing in Chapel brings tears to my eyes. It's such a unique experience for me to be a part of a Christian school after doing all my studies in public schools. My heart truly is with public schools, and I honestly never expected to be teaching at a school like this. Nonetheless, I love it.

I also nearly got tears in my eyes today while reading the book that I wrote ("If You Give Miss Siscoe An Apple"). My students were so excited and awed by it that they were asking so many questions about how I made it ... They loved it.

I also had the opportunity to lead the music in Chapel on Wednesday. I had been telling Miss Noemy (the music director) that I wanted to, so she called me up in front of the student body and had me "audition". Ha, I passed, I think, because the kids were cheering. Another teary moment.

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