molas, flores, y conches

I bought tiny molas at the market yesterday. Here they are, in all their beauty. Molas are an art form from Panama and Costa Rica that originates with the Kuna Indian tribe. The Kuna women would sew these designs and layered colors on their clothing. Molas are still made and sold all over the world. I did an art project with molas while teaching in a practicum in Elgin, and my class just made molas as place mats for our desks. I know what I am going to do with these molas, but I can't tell you because it's top secret :).

See the tiny stitches all over the back?? They're handmade!
I bought myself flowers yesterday. :) Flowers are inexpensive here and make a great treat to myself!
And here's my small collection of shells from Puntarenes and Manuel Antonio. I even found some coral!

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Jill said...

The molas... how beautiful!