Trish and Albin

How awesome to see my Trish again! I realized it had been since Trish and Al's wedding in December 2011 that we had not seen each other, although we had made several failed efforts. Trish is doing well, teaching at Desarollando Mentes as a learning specialist, teaching online with Open English, and writing for the Bright Hub website. 
Us at Parque Chino, resting after our delicious meal at our favorite restaurant, A La Leña. 

 Trish and Al bought a house with a fabulous view. Here's the backyard...

...and here's the view of San José from their side windows. On a sunny day or clear evening, the view of downtown is breathtaking. But when the rain clouds roll in, there's no seeing beyond the back wall of the yard! 

So honored to have my artwork hanging in their house :). 

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