The Diem Family

Steve and Becky live with their 3 children in Villa de Totoral in the Cordoba province in Argentina. Villa de Totoral is a very small pueblo, and they have been able to make a lot of friends with the townspeople over the last two years of living here. Their purpose in living here is to plant a church by first leading people to the Jesus Christ of the Bible (in contrast to the Jesus Christ that the Catholic church and indigenous superstitions have created). Between leading Bible studies, teaching English classes, working out at the gym, building relationships with the townspeople and raising three kids, Steve and Becky are very busy!

L to R: Gianna, Becky, Steve, Josiah, Elliott, and the random street dog that wanted to be in the photo.

L to R: me, Gianna, Becky




All 6 of us crammed into this truck everywhere we went. 

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