Top Ten Flashbacks

So I'm on the airplane from Panama City, Panama, to San José, Costa Rica, and I've worked myself almost into a panic about my current level of United States Spanglish... ''What if I forgot tico Spanish?'' ''What if I forget to kiss the air and touch cheeks instead of shaking hands when I meet someone?'' ''What if I say the wrong thing?''... etc. etc. etc.

Then I get off the plane in San José, and the flashbacks have been constant. I mean, I lived here for three years afterall, so there are bound to be flashbacks. And even more than flashbacks, Costa Rica now feels like a second home. I have comfort foods here, people I love here, and a sense of direction here (despite no street signs, haha!)

So here's a peek at the flashbacks (Top Ten style, in no particular order): 

 10. Studying geography from the plane window.

 9. Studying cloud formations from the plane window.
 8. Delicious mango right off the tree.
 7. My favorite ice cream brand!!! (Top comfort food, no matter what country I'm in, lol)
6. Cheap manicures. Marlon's sister, Daniela, has a mini-manicure business. I wanted something with the Costa Rican flag (red, white, and blue), and she did a great job! 
5. Heavy coins that aren't worth very much.

 4. Oh yes. I ate a whole container of Chocobon ice cream in 3 days. Amazing.
 3. The irony of the shower head being called the ''widow maker.'' I mean, the electric tape says it all.
2. Gallo pinto for breakfast! I can't get enough! (Hello again, rice belly. Lol.)

1. Speaking the good ol' tico Spanish. ¡Vieras como el español me fluye! 

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