Córdoba for the Day

Becky and I ventured (without the three kids) into the city Córdoba for the day. We enjoyed uninterrupted conversations and catching up on life. 

It is winter in Argentina right now. The temperature is like Illinois in the fall and the landscape looks like right after an Illinois harvest. 

We stopped by the ''skinniest building in the world'' for a photo. There are apartments for rent if you're interested! 

I posed for a photo with the skinny building, haha. 

The concept of siesta  in Argentina is taken very seriously. We got into the city about 12:30, just as stores were closing their steel doors for the afternoon. We managed to go into a store before it closed, and while we were there, they closed the doors. When we were ready to leave, we had to exit through the small door about half our height. I thought it was funny and had to take a picture. : ) 

The Catholic church of Córdoba has mosaics dedicated to Gaucho Gil, a ''Robin Hood'' historical figure. 

Motorcycles everywhere! (Heather Burns, I thought of you and your new motorcycle! : )) 

The cobblestone in front of the church is laid to create a profile of the church's front. 

Evidence of lots of pigeons. Seems to be present no matter what city I travel to, haha. 

This building wins the retro award for the day. Love the bonus car in front. Becky said the car is typical of Argentina. 

The streets after stores closed for siesta. We seemed to be the only people out and about! 

Since stores were closed, we went to lunch at Steve and Becky's favorite restaurant, Mandarinas. I asked for a glass of water and this is what I got. 

A delicious salad with chicken, mango, and sesame. Not typical Argentine food, but still delicious! 

And a gorgeous tiramisu! The 3D presentation was not something we expected, ha! 

Final stop of the day (probably my favorite : )) -- an art market set in a very modern, upbeat part of the city.  

Now that I am posting this on the blog, I realize Becky and I did not take a photo together... we'll work on that soon! 

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