An Unexpected Adventure

Oh yes, that is me. On the back of a tow truck. Here's how it all started: 

We (five girls on a beach trip) were driving back from the Pacific Coast to San José. Everything was going smoothly. I dared to think, ''We're making great time!'' Little did I know, the trip had other adventures for us yet.

 The rain clouds started to roll in... Nothing too unusual. 

Then Melissa (driving her car) says, ''Guys, the gas pedal isn't working!'' We're heading up a steep mountain. I say, ''Pull over!'' She did. Cars and semis sped by us at unnecessary velocities. Melissa tried to call a friend to see what he thought we should do when a tow truck conveniently also pulled over in front of us. Before we knew what was happening, we had been mounted on the back of the tow truck (we = the car plus all of us girls, lol). Melissa and Cara went up front to direct the truck driver, while Kalli, Kim, and I stayed in the car.

It felt very strange to be moving in a car without a driver! 

A view through the windshield.

Whew! We made it home! Good story for later :) 

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