Country Hoppin' and Jet Laggin'

I don't think I had ever felt so tired before in my entire life. 30 hours (straight!) of travel certainly takes its toll. I hoped to sleep on the overnight flight, but those chairs couldn't be more uncomfortable after 5 hours (and I still had 5 more hours to go until landing... NOOO!). 
Hour 1 of travel: See you later, Costa Rica! 

Hour 2 of travel: Central America, heading north to Houston. 

Hour 6 of travel: Hello and Good-bye, Houston! 

Hour 17: Hello and Good-bye, Buenos Aires! Thanks for the hectic bus ride with three suitcases! 

Hour 24: First views of the Argentine landscapes. 

Hour 26: Loved seeing how the sunlight broke through the clouds. 

Hour 27: Looks like the Badlands in South Dakota? 

Hour 30: Landing in Córdoba... ¡por fín!

I saw the sun set twice and rise once while travelling... yet it all felt like one really, really long day. I was so glad to see my friends, Steve and Becky Diem, at the airport, and even more glad to know they had a real bed for me to sleep in (instead of that uncomfortable chair United Airlines offered, haha). 

Before I went to bed Friday night at 10:30pm, Becky told me to sleep in as long as I wanted in the morning. I told her I have a difficult time sleeping in past 9 (very true!). Saturday morning, I somehow slept through the kids screaming, the washer rattling, the dog barking, the kids screaming again, etc. I didn't wake up until 11am! I can't even remember the last time I slept for more than 12 hours! Becky says I had jet lag... I think she's right! 

And now I'm on to other Argentine adventures... Even though this blog is ''Kate in Costa Rica,'' I think it's okay to post other travel adventures : ) ... stay tuned! 

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