Familia Rodriguez Villafuerte

Well, the big interview happened! Three days with my boyfriend Marlon's family (while Marlon is in the U.S.) I think qualifies as the ultimate interview. For both myself and for the rest of the family. All in all, it was a great experience, so I think we all passed the interview.
 Santiago celebrated his 7th birthday on Saturday. We played Monopoly and did an exercise routine that Tío Marlon had given me to try.
 L to R: Marlon's mom, myself, Marlon's aunt
 This is a great summary of the three days. Lots of conversation, lots of laughter, and lots of people!
And a posed photo. It only took us about 20 tries, lol.

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Tia Louise Reilly said...

Sonrisas de Ohio... y besos también. A todos allá en la casa.