Mejia Simpson Family

While teaching at Lighthouse, I met a family that I consider to be the coolest. family. ever. Hands down. Someday when I have a family, I hope to be half as cool as they are. 

Let me define ''cool'': Extremely generous and hospitable. Adopted 5 children. Foster family to many. Hope to foster many more children. 

Ever since meeting them and finding out about their mission to influence as many children as possible for Jesus, I have wondered how I can contribute as a teacher. Talking with the mom, Charlyn, was really good, and I hope to contribute time to the project in the future! 

A view of their property in the campo of Coronado. They hope to eventually build an orphanage and maybe even a school. 

L to R: Ruth, me, Daniela. 
While working at Lighthouse, I became connected with the Mejia Simpson family as Ruth was my student and Dani was my co-worker! I love these ladies!! 

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