Culture Confusion

So obviously I know that there are many different cultures around the world, but somehow I think that everyone lives like me (contradiction, I know!) Here’s some of my revelations to the contrast of ‘’my culture’’ versus the culture I have experienced while traveling this month.

U.S. Diet: My idea of a healthy diet would have lots of veggies, lots of protein, and some carbs.
Costa Rica Diet: Lots of rice and beans with a little salad.
Argentina Diet: Meat and potatoes. Delicious, crispy, grilled meat with lots of fat makes up about half of your plate, and the other half of your plate is potatoes.

U.S. Time: Being punctual is understood as being respectful.

Costa Rica Time: I have to clarify if the starting time is ‘’tico time’’ (not punctual) or ‘’gringo time’’ (punctual).

Argentina Time: Stopping by unannounced shows that you truly are friends. Expect about 3 or 4 ‘’pop-in’’ visitors per day that will stay for several hours each.

As a result of these differences, my stomach and sense of time are very confused right now, haha. 

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