Thoughts of the Day

Grades are due this week. It feels almost like a finals week in college... except a lot of people are depending on me to hand in my work. A college professor called finals week "a harmonious flourish of furious academic activity." I'm not sure how I feel about this. Overwhelmed, definitely. Excited, not so much.

Trish and I have discussed in recent days how we're basically married. I mean, we sleep in the same bed (there's only 2 beds in our apartment - a twin and a double, and Kim gets the twin), we budget together, we vacation together, we grocery shop together, we even work together. Her mom commented that we'll be really good at being married someday because we'll be used to constant compromise. Bah.

One of my students has become suddenly apathetic. He's always making excuses for why he can't do his work... "Miss Siscoe, my throat hurts." "Miss Siscoe, I'm coughing" (followed by a fake cough). "Miss Siscoe, I need a drink." I'm to the point of no patience and no compassion. Pray for those interactions.

Another student has become disrespectful. I'm not sure what's going on at home, but it seems to be affecting his ability to respond appropriately in the classroom. Pray for that one as well.

And then there's me, swarming in "final exams" of teaching (with grades being due) as well as my 16 4th graders 7 hours every day. Yup, pray for me too.

Much love!

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K Siscoe said...

Miss Siscoe, I don't feel good. I had some chronically ill students in my two years of teaching - I thought one always faked it until he threw up in class!

Good luck with finals!
Love ya!

P.S. Marriage is similar but marriage is remarkably different.