Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Being sick last week certainly did not stop me from enjoying life this weekend :). We have today (Monday) off and so we went to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on the Carribbean coast. Words can not describe the beauty of the beaches and rainforest here in Costa Rica. Photos also don't quite capture the intertwined blues and greens of nature.

I had read somewhere that it was very dangerous to take cameras to Puerto Viejo because lots of muggings happen there... the other girls took their cameras, and I didn't. I will admit I was a little depressed about that all weekend, so I tried to be more observant with my own eye rather than letting my camera capture it for me. So I'll try to describe a couple scenes in my mind from this weekend.

We rented bikes both days and rode down to Punta Uva (a wealthier neighborhood) and Playa Chiquita (with coral for snorkling :))... The road was so bumpy and trucks and cars and bicycles were all competing for space. Even though the bumps were painful at times, I am thankful we had the bikes because we wouldn't have been able to walk as quickly. The sun sets fairly early, so Trish, Kim L., and I start the ride back to Puerto Viejo about 4pm... We're riding into the sun, and I am following the other two. Trees reach to the sky on either side of the road as vines hang down, almost touching the tops of our heads. Hibiscus bushes offer cheerful red flowers to cheer us over the potholes, and the sun peeks through the branches to illuminate my fellow travelers. Beautiful.

Another picture. I sit on top of a cliff, overlooking the ocean, 20kilometers north of Panama's border. Straight down in front of me, waves crash onto the layers of limestone, and I am in terror and awe at the same time. Hermit crabs scurry past me, and the endless trail of leaf cutter ants are persevering in their endeavors. I turn back around to the rainforest to climb down the dirt path offering tree roots and vines to keep me from slipping. Tiny yellow crabs peek out at me from their comfortable crevices, but none have the courage to approach me. I reach the rainforest floor, thankful to be on solid, flat ground again.

Alright, so I also have photos from the other girls, so I'll show you some visuals :). We teachers have to offer both auditory and visual options. :)

Trish and me with our rented bikes. This was a trail through the forest that led to a beach.
Kim L. and I looking ridiculous with snorkel gear. We saw different kinds of fish swimming in schools and sea urchins! The coral looked like twisted rope coiled into rocks.
Trish and I going out to sea, ha, again with sweet headgear for breathing.
The view from the end of the cliff I described earlier.
My spot on the cliff. I like this photo a lot :).
Beautiful clouds on Playa Cocles
More beautifulness.
The sunrise this morning. We got up at 5 for special viewing from the dock!
We stayed at Cabinas Jacaranda, and there were mosaics all over. Here's only one of many.
Puerto Viejo is a colorful town, that's for sure!

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Jill said...

You painted a beautiful picture in my mind. Glad you are feeling better and enjoyed your weekend! =)