The Funniest Day Ever

Oh man, good thing I'm still laughing.

Synopsis: Wake up this morning to our random Italian radio station. Bed breaks as usual (one of the legs repeatedly falls off). Shower, half awake. Stumble to the fridge to find breakfast. . . the freezer door falls off. Realize we have to defrost the freezer at 6am. Begin boiling water to put in freezer. Eat an orange while staring at the pot of water, still in a tired daze. Water boils, place pot in freezer. River begins flooding kitchen floor from defrosting ice... Call my mom so she can witness the chaos... She laughs. I tell her I am domestically unsatisfied; She has no pity.
Go to school at 7:10... students arrive at 7:15... the craziness begins.
Kind of a crazy morning, I won't go into the details... Then after lunch, I begin to feel the stomach flu coming on, if you know what I mean. And that is my current status. Blah and laughing gently.


K Siscoe said...

I hope you feel better soon!
Lov ya

Kat said...

domestically unsatisfied? =) nice choice of words, Kate.

sounds like you had quite the morning! get well soon!