Spanish Bloopers

Alright, two funny stories for today.

Sooo... In the morning, I greet all the other staff at Sojourn with "Buenas dias! Como esta usted?" The other person usually responds, "Buen, gracias a Dios." ("Good, thanks to God.") I THOUGHT they were saying "Buen, gracias, adios." ("Good, thanks, goodbye.") I just found out last night while reading Trish's blog that they are saying "Thanks to God" instead of trying to shoo me away.

And, the "ee" sound in English is the same as the "i" sound in Spanish... Today, one of my tico students wrote in her assignment notebook "workshit" instead of "worksheet." As I checked her work over, I started busting out laughing because apparently I assign "shit" for homework. In her quiet voice, she says, "Miss Siscoe, what's so funny?" I tried to stop laughing (but it didn't work) and said, "Oh nothing!" I wrote in "ee" over her "i". Hopefully her parents don't notice.

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