Nausea + Teaching = Probably Not Very Healthy

I had a good day, believe it or not. Despite waves of nausea, my students were relatively well-behaved and I remembered everything I needed to do... I think. Here's some events out of the strange day...

My student Diego is quite the character. This morning in Chapel, Miss Loosa asked the question, "What man were we talking about on Monday that had a baby?" (She meant to say "What man had a son"... but it came out weird. The answer she was looking for was Abraham had a son named Isaac... Ha, I've said things the wrong way before too.) Diego fixated on the fact that she said a man could have a baby and asked me about it for five minutes straight. His mind just wouldn't go anywhere else!!

Then later, Diego is laying on his back on the cement floor. I had told him repeatedly to sit up, and finally, I decided I really meant it. I started counting down for him to sit up and he stuck his arms and legs in the air and begins to sway his body back and forth... "Look, Miss Siscoe! I'm a turtle and I can't get off my shell!!" Great, Diego, please sit up.

Then there's Gabriela. She reminds me of myself so much because she is always drawing or thinking outside the box. Her answers to oral questions are usually right on target, but she says it in such a different way. Today, during the read aloud (We are reading the book "Chocolate Fever" about a boy who has chicken pox of sorts but oozes chocolate...) , she was doodling and drew a great picture of the main character with chocolate spots all over him... oozing chocolate into the shapes of candy bars. Perhaps she thought this boy could start a business with the candy bars? Who knows!
Esteban was on a roll today. He had his hand raised for every question and was in the zone with his English. Way to go!
Yena has been part of our class now for 3 weeks. Today, I asked her to erase the board, and she was so determined to erase the WHOLE board that she jumped and bounced and flailed until she had the out-of-reach areas erased. Ha, I was cracking up just watching her have so much energy for such a simple task. Yena has a smirk that she gets on her face when she's thinking something funny, and I almost always have to call on her when I see the smirk. Last week, we were creating a plan for writing a story, and the title was "Volcano in My Backyard!" The class decided that the main character was home alone and was going to the fridge to eat a snack. Through the kitchen window, he catches a glance of red lava shooting up into the sky. I ask, "What is the first thing our main character should do in response to the volcano?" Yena had the smirk, and I called on her. She says, "He should roast marshmellows until his parents come home!" Ha, the whole class was cracking up.
And that's only 1/4 of my students.

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Kat said...

thats a brilliant way to get you students involved in creative thinking, Kate! and espeically since it's a story, you KNOW I'd say that it was a good one! =)