Nausea + Teaching = No Can Do 3 Days In A Row

I'm home sick for the first time ever during a teaching job. I didn't take any sick days during student teaching (I understood that it wasn't an option) and this school year, this is my first day stuck at home. It's pouring rain and I'm toasting flour tortillas in the oven... I'm going to try eating. You know when you have the flu and you're not sure if it's safe to eat yet? That's my dilemma.

I'm going to eat my tortillas and go to bed. Quite the plan at 9am.

Alright, that's plenty of rambling in my current state of mind. Pray for my students that they will survive today with the sub... Or maybe you should just pray for the sub that she will survive the day with my students. Ha.

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jk.crumrine said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Love, Aunt Janna