Proud Moments

Three Proud Moments today :)

Number One

We worked on the computers in the library today and my students were so on task that other teachers even commented about how well they were doing! Yay! :) We are researching several of the original colonies for presentations this Friday, and they are very excited about this new twist in learning True Stories!

Number Two

This is totally random, but our PE teacher, Profe, organized a volleyball team of teachers to play against his high school gym class. It was first communicated that we would play in the evenings... however, yesterday afternoon, we were told that we would be playing this afternoon at 1:30 pm. My first thought was "What?!? That's right in the middle of my teaching time!!!" I got over that initial thought and was like, well, here we go. I wrote "Surprise!" on today's schedule and we marched down to the gym for the "surprise". Our teacher's team won against the high schoolers... It was so much fun and such a different way to spend a Tuesday afternoon! I was proud of my students for cheering and being so excited during the whole game.

Number Three

I'm reading the book "Esperanza Rising" during the Read Aloud time, and I have 4 extra copies for students to read on their own. I had to really talk it up to the boys, because when the main character is a girl, the boy students usually have a harder time relating. I felt a slight victory this afternoon when I noticed one of my tougher boys sneaking it into his backpack to take home for the evening. :) Yay! They're reading different books than they usually would!

That's all for today! Much love!


K Siscoe said...

Hey Kate
Did you get the two boxes of books that we sent?
Love ya!

Kat said...

thats so cool, Kate! you're reading Esperanza Rising!! yesyesyes! I absolutely love that book. =)

and I'm so happy for you. I'm glad that you got to have such a good day. that sure helps to lift the spirits. :)

love ya, sista!

kallie beth

Kathryn Siscoe said...

YES, Dad, we did receive the boxes of books! Thanks so much!!!