Mas Fotos de Dia de Cultura

The Chinese 4th graders visited Hungary and had our photo taken :).

Entering Madagascar. . . 6th grade had decorated the room like a rainforest. It was beautiful.
Visiting Mrs. Sanders in "Russia." She told each student what his/her name would be if they lived in Russia.

Kim V.'s class were dressed as Muslims from Iraq.
Homemade fortune cookies in China. Yum! :) I have a good recipe if anyone wants to know how! :)
We had an assembly at the end of the day to celebrate the nations of the world. Here's some performances:
The 6th graders performed an interpretive dance to the song "Go Light Your World." I had goosebumps the whole time as they each had their faces painted with a nation's flag... this picture doesn't capture the beauty of their faces.
My Korean student, Yena, performed with her brother YeJae and friend Miel and Elim. They sang a song in Korean... Yena is the one with the long red skirt.
My students performing our memorization of "The American's Creed." I'm kneeling on the floor :).
The art teacher, Miss Mau, worked so hard on this! I thought it was an amazing backdrop to our stage!


K Siscoe said...

Thanks for the good pictures. YOu only have nine students from your class on stage?

Kathryn Siscoe said...

Yes, there are only 10 students on the stage. They are in True Stories with me while the other 7 are in EFL.