After waking up at 3am for a ride to the airport, a 6am flight to Ft Lauderdale, a 20 minute layover with an emergency bathroom break, a flight to San Jose, and a God-send pick up from my principal, I'm here!

Goodbye Chicago!

Hello swampy Florida!

I am officially moved in with my tico family also, and all is well! Manuel Enrique is my new "tico dad" and Blanca is my new "tica mom". Judit, my "tica sister", is 25 (I think) and studying architecture. I also met their other daughter, Rebecca, and her husband, Rodrigo, when they came over for lunch.

Oh, funny story. I slept 11 hours last night (I needed it soooo much!) and woke up at 8:15am. I knew from talking last night that they were leaving for church at 8am, so I was bummed that I had missed them. I went to take a shower and (background information: showers here often have a side window for ventilation. You can open or close the window slats with the lever... I had the window open just enough for fresh air.)... okay, so I'm in the shower and I hear Judit's voice through the window "Hermana! Necessito una ducha!!" ("Sister, I need a shower!) I peeked out the window and she was looking at me kind of grouchily. Ha, her hairdo told me she had just woken up :). I said "Buenas!" and she said "Kate?" She didn't know I had arrived yesterday so she was surprised to find me in the shower... she thought I was Rebecca! Ha, we told the story during lunch and everyone was laughing. :)

I am quickly remembering feeling lost in conversation but wanting so much to talk and understand. They are so patient with my really bad Spanish, ha. I HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN!! (I say that alot in Spanish, and it fits to say it in English too. :))

We had "sopa azteca" for lunch (Aztec soup), and I was able to help a little bit. It was a little strange not to have to make my own lunch, but I was able to work on making verb flashcards (nerdy, I know, but necessary for remembering a language!) while Blanca

Here are some photos of my new room:

Up the stairs... under the stairs, you can see the "storage room".

My messy room :). I'm working on the organization. They bought a brand new bedspread for me! It's beautiful and so comfortable... oh yeah, and it's nice to have a bed all to myself :).

The view from my window! It's gorgeous.

The Internet at my house isn't working, so I'm at Tricia's house right now. If you've tried to contact me, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you!!! Hopefully the Internet will be fixed within the next few days.


erin. said...

glad you got back safely! your room looks really nice, and the view looks great.
it was soooo nice seeing you over break, kate. i hope you know how thankful i am for your friendship. talk to you later!

Laura said...

I'm glad you're back, Kate! I miss you, but am glad to hear about all your adventures. I just arrived in Argentina this morning and will have to fill you in on break and my first days here soon! Have a great first week back.

K Siscoe said...

Thanks for the update! Please check your email for recent messages.
Love ya~