An Assignment

Mimi, the secretary and go-to woman at Sojourn, let me borrow a new game today. She also gave me an assignment... to teach it to my tico family in Spanish. I am looking for any opportunities I can get to practice Spanish, so this was a good idea...

I got home, carrying the game (the box is rather large), and Judit took notice and asked what it was. I told her (half joking :)) that I had brought it home to teach her, and she said, "Bueno! Despues cena!" Sweet, that wasn't hard. So after dinner, we all sat down and I taught them Mimi's version of the game. I quickly realized that the directions in the game did not match up with what she had taught me during our "very important" meeting today, ha.

Tomorrow, I will teach the game to my students... this time in English.

Sojourn is collecting school supplies for another school in need in this area, and the 4th grade was assigned to collect 55 boxes of crayons. The class that collects their items first gets a pizza or ice cream party... Yesterday we had 37 boxes... and then Gaby brought in more than 30 more boxes this morning!! Needless to say, the whole class was jumping up and down, super excited about a party... but the 5th grade may have beat us because they took their supplies to the office 5 minutes before us. The 4th graders were a little depressed about this prospect today...

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