Sorry I haven't been good at posting lately. It's not that I don't want to... I've been having problems with my computer's Internet abilities.... Yup, you read that right -- the problem is my computer.

I just called Dell for some advice and (hopefully) a brand new computer, ha, but instead I got the news that it's a problem with my installed software.. therefore, that means I have to completely wipe out my computer and start over. Um, ok. Thanks.

So that's in process and for now this will have to do.

On a positive note, today was the first day of students for a full day. Wowee, we were busy with academics today :). Yay! We're back into the learning! I love seeing and hearing minds buzzing with questions and excited to learn.

AND we're planning my birthday party for Wednesday. I'm almost 23!! Ha, the students think I'm old... they have no idea, right? Alright, so the details of the party so far are to wear Miss Siscoe's favorite colors (which the clothes committee decided were blue and green because I wear them all the time) and to wear crazy hats. I approved for the students to not wear their uniforms on Wednesday, so they're really excited about that. We'll have lots of food (all the boys are on the food committee this time, so it could be interesting, ha) and games for all. They're so excited, so I'll hate to break the news, but we'll also have schoolwork...

My tica sister Judith toured me around San Jose last night. She's studying architecture, so it was so interesting to hear about the history and artistic thoughts behind the design. :) Of course, it was all in Spanish. I think I got about 70%... :)

Life is good and I am hungry. Dinner's ready!


K Siscoe said...

I wish your mom & dad could be there to see all the fun that you will have on your birthday!
Love ya!
Dad xo

Kathryn Siscoe said...

i´ll post photos when i get the chance!!