Building Stamina

Hurray! I have Internet on my own computer... for the moment anyway :). I'll share some thoughts as of late:

I'm building the stamina with Spanish, that's for sure. On Saturday, I went to visit all of Manri's side of the family... that was intense with 15-20 people in and out all afternoon. I was having a difficult time with all the names, let alone the Spanish. My brain was fried when we got home. Then Sunday, I went with the family for a get together with some family and friends.... again, more intense Spanish, but this time with less people (about 7 others) and it went so much better. Whew! I'm learning slowly but surely. It's so humbling to constantly be searching for Spanish words to say in a cohesive sentence when I can so easily communicate in English.

The amazing thing is that my family here is so encouraging. They say I know a lot for only being here 5 months and that I have no reason to be embarassed of how much I think I lack. They're so patient with my grammar, too, ha.

The students are doing well. I have several criers in my class... anytime they're frustrated with a lesson, I can immediately tell because their eyes are all big and watery. So we've been working on long division the last week or so and I've made 3 students cry. I've learned not to take it personally. We have "Math Meetings" after the main lesson for anyone feeling frustrated... my criers all like this new idea. Ha, think AA but with academics.

I have this silly competition with myself to see how many "Happy Birthday" greetings I get on Facebook on my birthday... 2 years ago, I got 22... last year I had 29... this year, I had 60!!!! Holy cow, that blew the record away! ha, I don't think we'll every break that one. It made my day (actually, it made my whole week, ha :)).

Trish, Kim V, Kim L, and I continued the birthday celebration Friday night with a night out at Ala Lenas, a pizza/pasta restaurant here in the area. I love the atmosphere there... kind of like Village Squire in the Chicago area. We followed dinner with a couple games of Skipbo... and then we were exhausted teachers and all went home and to bed, ha.

I introduced the real parents to my new family last night. I had some translating action with that one... and my tica mom said to my parents, "Hello! How are you? I no speak English!" Bueno. It's kind of fun to translate because then I realize how much I really have learned.

Photos to come soon! I have some new ones of the family. I'm kind of shy getting my camera out right now because it's so expensive. I don't want my family making any assumptions about my financial status, ha. I have no money, to tell the truth! Ha, but God is good, and all my needs are met.

Well, I think that's all the thoughts for this evening. My brain is spinning in English and Spanish... My family asked earlier what language I think in and I replied, "No se... pero yo pienso que ingles, espanol,... y aleman juntos!" (I don't know... but I think in English, Spanish, and... German!) ha, they were cracking up.


K Siscoe said...

I'm looking for notes on Criers Anonymous...CA? Love ya!

Jill said...

Well, if there ever becomes a CA, I can lead it... head crier! ha!