Sunday Afternoon Adventures

This is horrible! It's Thursday night and I'm just now posting about Sunday! Oh dear... well, at least I have photos to show this time :).

We went to some family friends' home in the mountains. This is the view of the village from the back deck of the house. The sky was beautiful!
Judit, my tica sister, and Sara (I guess she would be my tica aunt?) talking and laughing. Judit is such a great help with the Spanish... she's good at explaining the language without telling me in English :).

Blanca, my tica mom, is an amazing cook. Here she's sauteeing (sp?) peppers and eggplant with cheese and spices. Yum!

The yummy food all together!

Blanca again and ManRi, my tico dad, looking excited about this food.
Again, I'm sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I seriously feel so guilty about it... I'm trying to figure out life again and get used to lots of new routines. Me not posting has nothing to do with how much I think about you all!

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Jill said...

Don't feel bad about the posting... you are such an extremely busy person with so much going on! I read your posts and I'm tired and have to take a nap! ha!