Birthday Parties and Spanish Lessons

Today we had a birthday party for one of my tica students. Birthday celebrations at schools in the States often consist of bringing in a treat for everyone... you know, like cupcakes or Twinkies. Costa Rica has a totally different definition of a birthday party. The parents today brought in balloons (you know, the ones that you can make into swords and weiner dogs), tattoos, yoyos, bouncy balls, and of course, chocolate cake. Woooooooo we were hyper there for the last 10 minutes of school. Controlled chaos, you could say. It was quite the adventure as we rocked the Spanglish, ha.

I had my second Spanish lesson today with a tutor, and I have lots of verbs to memorize for Thursday. Que bueno! This is so what I wanted last semester, and I am glad to have goals to work toward in Spanish... and the accountability of a teacher is that much more motivating. Buuuut... now I need to get to work!

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