Wildlife Photography... attempts anyway :)

Living and vacationing in Costa Rica brings many opportunities for photos of birds, insects, etc., in their natural environments. An added bonus to my repertoire!

The hummingbird was guarding his tree.
On the butterfly tour, the guide explained that butterflies who eat rotting bananas and pineapple as their diet staple are often "drunk" from the fermenting fruit. Ha, I'm pretty sure this butterfly was drunk because I picked him up off the ground and he could hardly stand straight for the picture!
A waterfall off a cliff... I know this doesn't quite fit into the animal category, but it's still pretty, huh? :)
A hornet's nest... Yikes, stay away!
I have no idea what this bird's name is, but it reminds me of blue jays in the States.

We saw lots of monkeys, but they're very hard to capture on film... I need a longer zoom lense to be more successful with these guys!

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Jill said...

These are awesome photos! I love the hummingbird... they are my favorite bird. I've really enjoyed hearing about your experiences with your aunt & uncle.