Who shattered my windows?

Difficult Monday morning to get out of bed... I'm sure you can relate. Shower, eat, read, stare, walk to school. Unlock my classroom door... stand, starstruck, not sure what to think. Um... why is there glass all over my floor?

Glance around the rest of the room, notice a note on the board that reads, "Suipe! the flor has glass all over the PLASE, even in the desks!"

Gee, thanks for the heads up.

I realized as I further analyzed the damage that while my windows were broken, new windows replaced them. All but one window... don't tell anyone, but my classroom could easily be "broken" into tonight from an open window that I have no control over closing... because there's no window to close!

But my question still remains... why were my windows broken? Why couldn't the window man take them out nicely rather than leaving glass everywhere for me to clean up? Isn't it his job to clean up after himself?

Everything in Costa Rica is different. Case in point.

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