Ha, so today Trish says, "Oh man! I haven't posted on my blog since Monday!" and I say "Geez, your parents are wondering if you're still alive."..... ha, and now I'm on my own blog and realizing that I haven't posted since Tuesday, which really doesn't make me much better than my roomie. Whoops! So here goes...

YES I am alive. You'll be glad to know that. :)

I've been thinking a lot lately about how "normal" for me has completely changed. In fact, now I'm not sure what is supposed to be "normal."

For example, I rode a bus home this evening from the grocery store and it seemed rather normal to be standing on a crowded bus, surrounded by Spanish, holding my grocery bags and the bar above my head at the same time. Quite the feat when the bus driver is steering every which way and almost hit 2 cars... yup, 2 cars. Wowee.

It also seems pretty normal to go to the fruit market on Saturday mornings to buy our fruits and veggies... It also seems pretty normal to write my grocery list in Spanish, because then it's easier when I'm actually shopping to get the right word out.

"Normal" now is also not understanding everything around me... the fact that I don't understand doesn't exhaust me like it used to.

At school, it's very "normal" for my plans for the day to change suddenly because of an impromptu volleyball game or emergency dedication service that my students "must" take part in.

"Normal" is also the guy yelling down the street "Bye! Bye!" (Trish today -- "Usted esta una primero persona dice este frase!!" --"You are the first person to say this phrase!" of course being sarcastic)... and we don't respond at all.

"Normal" is laying out in the sun in DECEMBER.

"Normal" is wondering if the rainy season is over yet.

"Normal" is looking out at the horizon and seeing mountains on every side... and Vulcan Poas. Quite different from the landscape of Illinois... either the buildings of Chicago or the cornfields of Kewanee.

"Normal" is being told in the grocery store that I have "ojos hermosos"... beautiful eyes.

"Normal" is wondering whether it's a safe place for me to get out my camera.

"Normal" is .... I don't even know anymore.

So I'm excited to come back to the States for Christmas, but I'm afraid I might just be more confused about what "normal" really is...

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K Siscoe said...

Glad to see that you are still alive!
"Normal" is changing for you...but a few things remain. Normal is you have a dad who loves you - always have and always will. Normal is the spiritual reality of God's pursuing love.
I can't wait to see you at Christmas.
Thanks for writing from your heart.
Love ya!