Day 2: We hiked to see Vulcan Arenal. The volcano was playing peek-a-boo with clouds and smoke, so we almost saw the volcano completely. Here it is hiding a little.
I think my Nikon takes good portraits. Do you agree? :)

The three musketeers during this part of the trip.
Quite a few people Janna and I met asked, "So how'd you girls meet?" Uh.... when did we meet? Gee, I think when I was born. Ha. It was funny explaining that she's my aunt... people thought she didn't look old enough to be my aunt!
Trish taking photos... she didn't know I was taking pictures of her :)

We found a good lookout spot for waiting patiently on our peek-a-boo playing volcano.

Here's Lake Arenal in the distance... we'll cross over that tomorrow on our way to Monteverde.

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jk.crumrine said...

Maybe there would have been even more questions if I was closer in age to your dad (not that your dad is old!) and still staying in hostels with you :) It worked out great this way! Love, Janna