Everyone at Sojourn is in transition right now. Everyone.

Teachers are anticipating the break and wondering how to close out the grades before traveling or heading to the States for Christmas. Grades will be due in January, but who is going to remember specifics about this semester after a 3 week break?

My students are thinking about friends moving to different countries, about possibly their own families moving, and many are thinking about how they won't be with their families over Christmas break. It makes sense that not many families can afford to fly back for a few weeks to the States, but the reality is difficult for these kids realizing they won't see their grandparents and cousins...

Students at ILE are anticipating being done with language school and transitioning on to different countries as well.

It's all a bunch of transition.

Then throw in a crazy week of Christmas celebrations and candy and love and goodbyes. ... My life. :)

One girl couldn't stop holding my hand today... I think it might be a security thing. Several students have told me how bored they will be over break... ha, they're actually asking for more homework! Loving learning is contagious in 4th grade, woohoo!

All in all, I know we'll survive, it's just a crazy rollercoaster ride right now...

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