international connections

Working at Sojourn is all about having international connections... Por ejemplo (for example):

My student Jackson is moving to Peru on Saturday.
My student Yena is moving to Colombia on Sunday.
My student Jordan is moving to Guatemala on Monday.

My friend Laura is moving to Argentina in January.
My friend Trisha is moving to Italy in January.

And that's only the beginning...

I had two students tell me today that they want to stay in 4th grade with me forever because it is so much fun... Ha, I think they would eventually get bored of all my antics, although I do try to keep them guessing. I think they just like to play games, and we play a game every time we are reviewing for a test. ... I've invented many a game on the fly this semester trying to bring back the vocabulary and concepts in their minds... :)
We've almost finished our read aloud, Esperanza Rising. It really is such a great book. My students beg me to read one more page. :) I think we only have 7 more pages to go... We'll all be sad when we finish it!
I'm going to post a trip itinerary soon so you can see what Aunt Janna, Uncle Jason, and I are up to! :)



Laura said...

You're such a cool teacher :)

Tia Louise said...

And you could have added that Yena is South Korea, to boot.