12.18.08 through 12.20.08... Playa Brasilito & Playa Conchal

Hello beach! Yeeeesssss! One of my favorite parts of living so close to the equator is the beaches. Year-roud tan minus the tanning beds! :) We literally laid on the beach for about 7 hours a day. Amazing!

Ha, this was right before a wave came a knocked me off my feet! I didn't last very long in the water after that experience...
Beautiful landscapes.
The sand at Playa Conchal was crushed shells... I got some history on the beach from a local and he said that the beach used to be a large coral reef that has now broken down into the beautiful sand. I had never seen sand like it!
Janna and Jason will love me for posting this on the blog... aren't they cute? :)

Another sand photo.
and the sunset on Playa Brasilito.

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jk.crumrine said...

I guess that pic is proof that we were sitting on the beach even though we are not tan, ha! It's hard to believe we were relaxing all day on that beach less than 2 weeks ago! Oh, the good life.
Love, Janna