Parque La Sabana

I went on a Sunday outing today with the new tico family to Parque La Sabana to the west of San José downtown. I had ridden around the park in the bus many times and had gone to an evening concert, but I had never walked around! It´s a ginormous park and has everything from 3 football fields, a running track, a roller skating rink, a lake, a forest, a new stadium, and kite vendors!
 Photos of the new stadium that China is building for Costa Rica... it's a gift!! The interesting part is that gifts always come at a price when it's political, right? hmm.... I've heard rumors that the stadium opens in February and other rumors that it opens ''soon''...? I'd like to go :)
 A banana tree with its fruit. The bottom purple part is the seed.
 A graffittied cross in the park

 And Barney made a surprise appearance!! LOL
 Santiago, my new roommate. I feel like I´m the ''fun aunt'' :)
 Ice cream from the ice cream man, anyone?
 Santiago thinking...
 Santiago playing futbol with his mom Natalia chasing behind.
 Santiago and Natalia
Santiago in the orange, Annabel and Natalia on the log, and Marilyn (Santiago's grandma) standing

I have learned to be extremely flexible when I tell ticos I will hang out with them for the day. For example, they said we would leave at 9am... we didn't leave until 12! Then afterwards we were driving home and impulsively stopped by pizza hut for lunch/dinner. THEN we drove up the mountain to where the landslides happened a few weeks ago to see the damage. THEN just when I thought we were about to have another adventure, we arrived home. Thank goodness I learned to be flexible! :)

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