Festival de las Luces

Think Macy´s Day Parade... but Christmas-Costa Rican style. That´s what Melissa, Michelle, and I saw last night in downtown San José! This parade happens every year and there are TONS of people downtown to see it. If you´re not downtown, you´re probably watching it on television.
Vendors are selling bags of confetti (aka hole-punched notebook paper) that is apparently Costa Rican´s version of snow for Christmas. By the end of the evening, the confetti covered the sidewalk!

Being gringoes and all, we were popular targets for ticos throwing confetti.

And the parade begins! A man on stilts.

There were very elaborate costumes, such as this golden woman on stilts.

more stilts

and a float! The floats were bigger-than-life and covered in glitter. Oh, and you can see the girl in front of us that was on her boyfriend´s shoulders...

Another elaborate costume... this time out of feathers!

Another float

A golden child

The CocaCola float shot confetti out on the crowd

And the culprit ticos standing above the pedestrians, covering them in confetti!

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