Christmas Medieval Fun

Castle Building! :)

Jenga... a somewhat (not) Medieval game

Painting a castle

Debating what to do with the castle

She taught me a game today called ''Slapjack'' where it was basically ''War'' with a deck of cards and when you see a jack card, you have to slap the pile. I was very enthusiastic in my card slapping and she was very timid... I slapped her hand pretty hard to win the game! I'm not sure she'll want to play with me again!

Teaching me how to play Backgammon

and the food committee busy at work. Menu: cabbage soup, rabbit stew, juice, and bread with my mom's apple butter :) (Thanks Mom! :))

See you next year, girls!

Until next year!

And a few gifts... flowers

a glass pendant necklace

and a silver ring.

All in all, a great day!

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