5th Grade Field Trip Tomorrow :)

We have been reading the book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis, preparing to go to the movie theater to compare and contrast the book vs. the movie. Nothing like turning a movie into a literary criticism conversation :).

So tomorrow's the day! 5th graders were very excited today...
The current debate with me was whether or not they had to wear their school uniforms. Yes.
''Can we leave after the movie without our parents and walk around the mall?'' No.
''Can I bring extra money to buy snacks?'' Nope, sorry, we already asked your parents for $9 to go on this field trip!
''What about sneaking in my own snacks?'' Nope.
''Can I save part of my lunch to eat during the movie?'' Nope, although that's a very creative idea.

We're working on respecting the teacher's authority with decisions while also learning to express our individual opinions... a tricky balance!

''Miss Siscoe, I've never gone to a movie theater with a teacher before!!''

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