Since moving to Escazú, I have 6 extra non-human roommates... dogs. Yup, that's right. 6 dogs.
Camila lives in the backyard. She loves to help during my attempts at pilates by sitting on my towel. The few times I have laid out in the sun, she comes and lays next to me... like, so close that she is touching me. When you are laying in the sun and already sweating, the last thing you want is a (smelly!) dog touching you. One time I was laying face-down while sunbathing, and she walked over and put her paw on the back of my head, letting me know she was ready for attention. I shoo-ed her away and she sneezed on my head!!! Ewwwwww.

Kuma also lives in the backyard. Don't get in the way when he's eating!! I think he's the strongest of the 6 as he could easily pushes me over when he jumps on me!

Negrito is the third member of the backyard club. He joined just a couple months ago and is very ... elderly. We thought he was going to die a couple weeks ago when he was panting and laying on the ground for days in a row... but now he's looking better, but still really thin.

Kiwi is spoiled... he lives in the house and eats the food scraps off the floor. When he wants attention, he also sits really close to your legs or licks your hand.

Tisha is also spoiled as she lives inside... She's the only one that I think doesn't like me.

And my favorite... Lua lives in the front yard. She greets me every time I come home with a big wet kiss. I attempted to play fetch with her once, but she demolished the tennis ball. She sleeps on a bench outside the kitchen window, so she keeps a close eye for available scraps.

From what I understand, most of my new roommates were homeless at one time... most were taken in from the street about 10 years ago. Negrito is the newest addition as he's only lived with us for a couple months.

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