Christmas Emails

I've been receiving several emails from past students for Christmas! What a great surprise to hear from the twins Rebecca and Christina who are now in Honduras and from Calla who is now in New Jersey.

Hey! How are you and your students? When does your winter vacation start? Are you going to the states for Christmas? We aren't. I wish we could. On Christmas morning we are going to call are grandparents on skype and open presents. I got all my Christmas shopping done. Our mom has been talking about how she doesn't get much for Christmas and in her stocking. This Christmas we got her alot of things. Dad got her a wok! He let me wrap it. He doesn't like wrapping gifts. Last night we went to the mall and He gave me and Rebecca 25 dollares to spend on her. We spent like 2 hours in thier bedroom wrapping presents. It doesn't feel like Christmas sometimes though. It needs to snow.
Hi Miss Siscoe,
When are you having Christmas break?
I can't wait til' Christmas!
I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas!
Are you going back to the States for Christmas to see your family?
Just Wondering.
Talk to you soon.
- Calla
P.S. How's school going? Is it crazy because of Christmas break? How are you?
Right now I'm at my Youth Group. It's practically right down the street from my house.
Feliz Navidad! Early.

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