Christmas decorations here aren't quite like decorations at home... probably because Christmas for me seems strange without a blanket of snow on the ground. No snow here!

Think fuchsia, turquoise, silver, gold... all metallic. And that summarizes the decorations here... Of course, they have pine trees (real and fake), Santa Clauses (San Nicolas), candy canes, and Christmas lights, but it's just not the same when you're thinking of what to wear to stay cool for the day while also looking outside to see a blow-up snowman in your neighbor's yard... haha. Ironic, yes!

So I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, where I'm surrounded by Siscoes and maybe a few Crumrines :) and snow and sledding and a fireplace (Thanks Dad for lighting the fire!), and maybe a few warm layers of clothes and a big warm blanket and ...

In other words, I'm coming home in 3 weeks! :) and looking forward to being part of the Siscoes and (hopefully) a snowy Christmas for a month of vacation. Although, I might have to hit the tanning bed a couple times for a dose of heat and concentrated Vitamin D. Ironic, yes! :)

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delight said...

the states & the snow will be so happy to welcome you back!