Vacation has always meant going somewhere... but this time, I'm here. Well, still here in Costa Rica, but I'm not travelling for the whole vacation. Instead, I am doing more normal things like napping, eating, reading my pile of books to read (The Shack, Wrinkle in Time... anybody want to join in the Kate Book Club? :)), and not thinking about teaching one bit. Excellent.

Costa Rica is a hot spot for studying Spanish, so I've been able to get together with different people who were/are Judson students or are related to Judson friends. Last weekend (before my emergency room episode), I travelled by bus to Heredia for the day to meet Hannah Morris, the sister-in-law of my Judson friend Valerie (Kasen) Morris. That was fun!!! Hopefully this week, I'll be getting together with Becca O'Donnell, another Judson grad who is studying here short-term.

I also have plans for a pedicure with Becky, jewelry making with Jamie, and cooking with Carolina. There's a potential beach trip for this next weekend with Alejandra.

So far, so good.

I've never felt like I have deserved a vacation more than now. Ha, that might sounds conceited or stuck up, but teachers put everything into their students for 10 months and then it's time to rejuvenate... too bad I only have 10 days of rejuvenation! As the saying goes, I'm going to milk it for all it's worth.

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